Arrow’s CIK/FIA

Homologated Kart









  • CIK homologated chassis
  • 30mm diameter stress relieved chrome moly tubing chassis structure with 32mm fixed front cross-beam
  • 104cm wheelbase
  • 50mm diameter hollow axle supported by three bearings
  • Arrow’s full-height one-piece machined billet alloy bearing flanges
  • Arrow’s unique cam-adjusting rear axle ride height system
  • 90mm long machined billet alloy rear wheel hubs
  • Ultra-light quick-change 3-bolt type machined billet alloy sprocket hub
  • 18mm wide grooved and vented rear brake disc. Floating machined billet alloy hub with inbuilt self-loosening system for quick axle changes
  • Black anodised machined billet alloy four-spot brake caliper incorporating air-cooled pistons, mounted directly to rear axle full-height bearing flange
  • Black anodised machined billet alloy brake master cylinder
  • Braided stainless steel brake lines
  • Forged alloy and machined billet alloy 2-piece pedals
  • Carbon fibre laminate floortray
  • Arrow’s unique self-centering seat washers
  • Forged high-grade aluminium two-piece stub axles with 17mm machined high tensile steel stub shafts (25mm hollow shafts also available)
  • 65mm long machined billet alloy front wheel hubs
  • 10mm precision ground king-pin bolts
  • Adjustable camber/caster and front ride height
  • Adjustable Ackerman
  • Machined billet alloy steering tie rods
  • All aluminium components anodised gunmetal
  • Left and right hand seat stays
  • 9-litre quick-release removable fuel tank
  • Arrow embroidered ‘F1 style’ black-spoked blue suede steering wheel with flat top and bottom
  • Arrow’s unique steering bush with clamp for simple front end alignment
  • 2-piece slide-type engine mount
  • All new CIK homologated bodywork with dynamic ‘Captain Arrow’ graphics kit
  • Douglas M-Series black powder-coated magnesium wheels: Front bolt-on type 130mm (5.1″) wide x 5″ diameter; Rear 205mm (8.0″) wide x 5″ diameter